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Tenant Responsibilities

As tenants you are responsible for the replacement of consumables and maintenance to the property such as the changing of light bulbs, fuses and re-pressurising the boiler. Below is an example list of repairs suitable for tenants to carry out at the property:

  • Replacing of light bulbs.
  • Replacing batteries in doorbells and thermostats.
  • Tightening loose screws, for example in door handles.
  • Checking fuses when they trip.
  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Cleaning of mould, if formed.
  • Re-pressurising the boiler.


At Looking To Rent we have a 24 hour emergency contact, that can be used by existing, fully managed tenants only. We do ask that where possible use common sense, and that you review the "Troubleshooting Guide" before reporting any repair.

Tenant Troubleshooting Guide

Gas Emergency

If you smell gas you must call the National Grid on 0800 111999 and then notify your dedicated office.

Water Emergency

Should you have any water issues (not including water leaks or burst pipes inside the property) please call Scottish Water on 0800 077 8778.

Emergency Repairs

Our 24 hour emergency contact is for all existing tenants. This number can be used to arrange video call assistance or a contractor call out.

If you feel your emergency repair poses:

A serious and imminent risk to health and safety.
A serious and imminent risk to the structure of the building.
A serious and imminent risk to the security of the property.

Please contact your dedicated office emergency number on:

Glasgow East: 0141 550 2255 Glasgow West: 0141 959 4455

Should you call upon the emergency service and the repair does not pose any of the above threats, or is your responsibility, you may be subject to a video call or contractor call out charge.

Non Emergency Repairs

It is important that you let us know immediately if any repair work is required, it is a condition of your tenancy agreement to do so. Delay or failure to inform us about repair work may mean you could be held responsible, especially if the delay results in additional deterioration or damage.

Once you have informed us of any repairs, faults or problems, we will contact your landlord and act upon their instructions. We ask that you do not instruct a contractor to undertake any work, if you do it will be at your own expense.

If a repair is due to tenant negligence, the tenant will be required to pay the cost of this at the time. Outstanding balances may be deducted from your deposit.

Report A Repair

Once you have reviewed our Tenant Troubleshooting Guide and your issue has not been resolved, please report a repair and supply as many details and photos as possible below

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  • Renfrewshire
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